The Power of Nostalgia…

Friday, 3 May 2019
The Power of Nostalgia…

When a winery celebrates History Month you don’t expect them to pull out several generations of children’s books for people to enjoy, but then where history is concerned, it’s the happy memories that are the most enjoyable to re-visit.


For the Kay Family, reading has always been a passion, and the precious care with which they have collected, stored, and clearly enjoyed their children’s stories, is evident in their impressive collection. There is a book here that will tug the heartstrings of every reader.  


It got us to thinking about the special power of nostalgia, that warm fuzzy feeling you get from re-visiting special, happy memories. Children’s books certainly capture that spirit for many people, if not for the stories, then for the loved ones who read them to us.


In the same way, for many people, ourselves included, a bottle of wine can have the same effect. For the wine lovers in the world, there are few who cannot relate a happy memory around a special bottle of wine. We use them to mark the important occasions in our life, to make our happy moments brighter, livelier, and more enduring.


There is not a day that goes past that one of our visitors doesn’t take us down memory lane sharing their experience of our wine. It’s a special privilege to have such an intimate involvement in other people’s lives, to feel that in a small way, we have made a happy memory for someone to take forward in their lives.


You know, and we know, that wine isn’t just about what’s in the bottle. For us, it’s about capturing what nature provides, year in year out - the sun, the earth, the grapes, all coming together. For you, it captures a memory, and we hope that it is a happy one, a little piece of nostalgia for you to reflect on when you need it.


Here are 3 great tips on the power of nostalgia from an article by Jeanette Leardi at YouBeauty:


Let the past inform your future: Feel your motivation flagging? Recall personal milestones and past achievements in order to reinvigorate your energies and stay focused on achieving your current goals.


Make nostalgia a group activity: Asking others to share their nostalgic memories with you is likely to give you all a psychological boost. Taking a trip with old friends to bring you back in time can make you feel more youthful and energized.


Create new memories and keep traditions alive: Make deposits into the nostalgia bank that you can draw on when you need a boost in the future. What happens today will become the memories you hold onto forever.



Fables, fairy stories and fantasy - an exhibition

is on display now until July 31st as part of the 2019 History Festival at Kay Brothers Cellar Door

Open 7 days: 9am-5pm Mon-Fri and 11am-5pm on Weekends.



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