How To Find Your Valentine’s Day Perfect (Wine) Match

Tuesday, 5 February 2019
How To Find Your Valentine’s Day Perfect (Wine) Match

We‘re just days away from the most romantic day of the year, and nothing screams Valentine’s Day more than a romantic meal with someone you love. And what better way to end that meal than enjoying some delicious chocolate (or chocolate desserts) and a drop or two of Kay Brothers’ wine?


We’ve put together a quick and easy guide for the best wines to pair with your favourite chocolates, to make this February 14 all the sweeter.


Matching wine with chocolate is all about balance. Just like you and your other half balance each other perfectly, your wine and choice of chocolate should balance one another out. Balance is the magic word when it comes to wine and chocolate pairing, so keep that in mind!


The key to finding a wine that pairs well with chocolate is ensuring that the wine is sweeter in comparison. If your chocolate is sweeter then you risk your wine tasting sour. Whatever your chocolate of choice, we have its perfect match at Kay Brothers’ winery.

White chocolate

We know white chocolate is technically not chocolate, as it has no cacao in it, but we had to include it in our list! The mellow flavour of white chocolate makes it simple to pair with wine, without overpowering the flavour profiles within the wine.

We recommend our Rare Muscat, which has lashings of raisined fruits and notes of burnt toffee and caramelised figs, making it the perfect wine to pair with a buttery white chocolate.

Milk chocolate

Milk chocolate is a chocolate known for it’s smooth character and mild mouth feel. Due to these characteristics, this popular chocolate tends to pair better with wines with lighter bodies and silkier tannins, like medium-bodied Merlots, but also works well with Muscat, which brings out the integrated profile of the chocolate well.

Kay Brother’s 2017 Basket Pressed Merlot is bursting with fresh berry fruit flavours and fine tannins makes the perfect match. Either of our Muscats, Grand Liquer Muscat or Rare Muscat, would also make the perfect accompaniment to milk chocolate, or any milk chocolate-themed dessert.

Dark chocolate

Dark or bittersweet chocolates, with cacao content above 35%, call for wines with fuller bodies, robust aromas and intense flavour profiles. Bold fruit flavours, and perhaps a touch of its own chocolate-y nuances, pair best with any chocolate with a heavy cacao presence. Full-bodied flavours mirror the palate of dark chocolate, and produce a synergy that can be hard to match with sweeter chocolate.

Fortified wines can also be a good accompaniment to a dark chocolate dessert or truffle, if you’re putting on your chef hat this Valentine’s Day.

For dark chocolate, you can’t go past our 2011 Ironmonger Cabernet Shiraz. The powerful palate has lashings of stewed fruit and dark chocolate, which is the perfect accompaniment to chocolate with a higher cacao percentage (we’re meaning the really dark kind, above 70%). For chocolate with a slightly lower cacao percentage (hovering around that 50% mark), our 2017 Basket Pressed Merlot is once again our drop of choice.

If an elaborate dark chocolate dessert is on the menu, get a bottle of our Founder’s Old Tawny, which has flavours of concentrated dried fruit and an undertone of caramel and chocolate, to take that dessert to the next level. If you're really lucky and still have a bottle of our Anniversary Sparkling Shiraz in the cellar, it also makes a great foil to dark chocolate desserts with the combination of a velvety texture and rich dark fruit tones - be sure to keep an eye out for the next release!

There’s our quick guide to chocolate and wine for Valentine’s Day.

Shop these wines and more on our website, or head down to our Cellar Door once you’ve decided on your dessert of choice, to ensure you find your perfect (wine) match for your perfect (romantic) match!

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