Teleost & Decapod Exhibition

SALA Exhibition: 1 August - 24 September 2019

Teleost & Decapod 


As part of the 2019 SALA Festival, Kay Brothers will host an exhibition by talented Kay Family member Alice Kay, entitled Teleost & Decapod.

Teleost, ray-finned fish with bony skeletons, and Decapod, ten-legged crustaceans, are two of the most diverse and abundant marine animals worldwide. Inspired by their decorative patterns, vivid colours and wide variety of bizarre shapes Alice Kay explores abstraction, tonal contrasts and colour harmonies in a collection of graphic paintings of fish, crabs, and lobsters. 

“All images in this exhibition are based on real animals and although I have partially modified patterns and form, the identifying features of each species or type are retained. I have used a flat planar style of painting to enhance design like qualities and clarify the diversity of colours seen on scales and tails, claws and carapaces.”

“My aim is to capture and enhance the aesthetic potential and novelty of each animal through a process of creative analysis”.

An exhibition of graphic paintings by Alice Kay
Kay Brothers Cellar Door 1.8.19 to 24.9.19
Opening: Friday 2 August 2019



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